Sagecrest Native Gardens occupy the same 12 acre property that DAMON BAEHREL is located on, and provide the raw ingredients which sustain the restaurant year round.  An on site greenhouse, raised bed gardens, and solar powered cold frames allow Chef/Grower Damon to cultivate, grow and forage an abundance of vegetables & fruits, which he harvests himself and uses in addition to the native ingredients in his multi-course Native Harvest Tasting Menu, or uniquely preserves for later use. He has no suppliers other than seafood. He also prepares all of his own Flours, Pressed Oils, Native Spice Seasonings & Vinegars from native & cultivated ingredients from the 12 acre property year round.

The organic soil that is the basis of all plantings is completely bio-dynamic; composted from natural vegetation originating on the property and is constructed by Damon. Composting these organic materials generates a rich and fertile natural environment in which these plantings grow and thrive.