Due to a large reservation backlog, we had taken an extended break from accepting new reservation requests for our regular days of operation for over 5 years (since March 2014) to work through a portion of the waiting list. Beginning in June 2019, our new annual schedule of days of operation will go into effect. We’ve been planning and working towards this since 2013. The new schedule will not reduce the number of days we open each year (@160+ days hosting guests) but we’ll no longer have a regular Thursday-Sunday schedule. It’s a schedule that will provide Damon needed days & time between hosting guests to work the land and continue creating the hundreds of components required to execute his original Native Harvest Cuisine. There will now be both weekend and weekday dates planned without dining guests and short “breaks” built into each season so Damon can continue moving forward with the evolution of his cuisine and the massive amount of physical tasks. We currently have the new schedules planned over 5 years into the future. We are not making the annual schedules available for viewing.

We will be planning small “extra” seatings whenever possible for anyone…including flexible enthusiastic waiting list guests, small private groups, and returning guests that have no food allergies or dietary restrictions. These extra seatings will be created on both weekday and weekend dates whenever Damon’s schedule allows. There currently is no "list" for these occasional seatings for us to add you to (normally planned 1-16 weeks in advance) so you would need to keep in touch if/when you are interested. For all reservations, after a suitable date is secured and the pre-confirmation process completed, an online deposit invoice is sent. We are not currently able to accommodate guests with food allergies or dietary restrictions. After deposit is paid/processed, a confirmation email (with reservation number) is sent. If you already have a confirmed/deposited date or are a returning guest, please use the confirmation email address you have been provided for correspondence.

Reservation correspondence is by Email only and a deposit is required to confirm a reservation at DAMON BAEHREL. After a suitable date is secured and pre-confirmation process completed, an online deposit invoice is sent. The confirmation email is sent (with reservation number) after deposit has been received & processed. Thank you!

Please consider casual-comfortable business attire for the 5+ hour experience.  No cell phones, cameras, photos or other recording equipment are permitted in the restaurant.  MasterCard, Visa, American Express & Discover accepted. 

(Due to the large reservation backlog, Gift certificates/cards are not currently available).