Dining guests arrive at DAMON BAEHREL for each seating at the same predetermined time, and are greeted and shown to their table by Damon himself. He gives a brief welcoming presentation, and many of the day's ingredients from Sagecrest Native and Organic gardens are displayed and described. Damon has grown, gathered & uniquely created and preserved these items with completely self-derived techniques over the course of recent days/weeks/months - and sometimes even years - for that day's offerings.

If you enjoy wines, selections are discussed and chosen from hundreds of labels.  Hard liquors, mixed drinks, processed soft drinks (sodas) and coffees are not offered.

For the next 4 1/2-5 hours, at a leisurely pace, Chef/Grower Damon cooks and serves a parade of approximately 18-20 surprise courses of his Native Harvest Cuisine. Some of the serving pieces were created by Damon using Native components found on the property. Damon takes a few moments to describe the ingredients, preparation and origin of the course with passion.  Some courses may be just a single bite, some may be comprised of more than twenty different tastes to experience.


In addition to the cultivated and native ingredients from our farm, Sagecrest Native Gardens, Unique flours, pressed oils, breads & curdled/preserved milks are hand prepared by Damon. He also makes all of the component ingredients...including pressed wild grape seed oil,  acorn oil and nut oils.  Flours: Acorn & Hickory Nut Flours, Clover, Cedar, Golden Rod, and Pine Flour (just to name a few). Many tree saps are also used to create the preparations. There is no other dining experience like this anywhere in the world!  

It should be noted that Damon, the sole employee, is completely self taught with 40 years experience in the restaurant industry and about the same as a beyond organic grower. His sauces are native plant/organic vegetable based and free of butter and dairy. The preparations are also free of refined sugar, and many of the meats and meat courses are brined, cured, dried and prepared over months,

Damon is an internationally known Native Plant expert/forager and and has created and developed many original techniques to unlock the hidden possibilities and secrets of the cultivated and Native Harvest.

The price per person is subject to change and generally does several times each week. The current price is $415.00 per person (not including beverages, sales tax or gratuity).